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Price vs. Value in marketing

When is something expensive? When is something cheap? It depends on the value that we perceive in the item or service we’re buying. Such is the constant struggle of price vs. value that an item can be both expensive in price, and very cheap in value.  Think of price and value as a scale. In […]

My digital marketing principles

These principles are a work in progress. I’m trying to word out what I think about when it comes to digital marketing. That means that the reasoning behind them will not always be fluent and that this page will never be finished. Long term over short term. Always. I have a serious problem with short […]

How to introduce your company

How do you introduce your company to prospects? I’ve spend the past few months looking for frameworks to streamline our offerings to customers. One of these frameworks that I use a lot is the Perfect Pitch by Robert Craven. I like it because it’s a very simple framework to get to the perfect pitch. That’s […]

Avoiding confirmation bias

Confirmation bias happens when you only look for the facts that support your idea. It’s something I come across far too often. It happens because it’s so very human to only see what we want to see. It’s one of the main culprits of bad decision making. We look for signs that match our initial idea […]

The horrors of the middle

“Can’t we just go for the middle?” They asked. I started to search for a friendly way to say: “No, we can’t”. The middle is a clear indicator that you don’t stand for anything. That’s the cardinal sin in any campaign: Not communicating why people should choose you. Choosing to stand for something forces people […]