Who is Tim Ceuppens?

My name is Tim Ceuppens, and I’ve been building, improving and promoting websites since 1997.

That’s over 23 years of experience in a medium that’s just over 30 years old. Would you like to work together? Drop me a note.

What do I do almost daily?

  • Paid & Organic Search Optimisation
  • Paid & Organic Social Campaigns
  • E-Mail Campaigns
  • Lead nurturing & Sales Enablement
  • Website Optimisation
  • Measurement & Visualisation

So how did I get started?

When I was 15, I used to bike to the library every Sunday to browse the web. I wanted to build my site declaring my fan-hood of The Simpsons and The X Files. I created it as a Word document, needless to say; it didn’t work.

So I bought a book to learn HTML, coded the entire site by hand and uploaded it to Geocities. It wasn’t a success. I helped out at a few open source projects and wrote for an F1 website.

I started my professional online career at Only Humans (Née: QueroMedia), where I grew to the companies first senior consultant in just two years. I work as a freelancer for the last ten years.

Where do I excel?

I’m a freelance consultant focused on digital marketing, strategy and analytics. I help you find the audience you need, reach them with the right message, and measure & display the results. I like fixing complex problems: identifying the root cause and correcting that.

The intersection of marketing, user experience, data and creativity is where I like to work. As a result of my experience in all these areas, I’m able to talk to technical, creative & analytical teams.

What are my certifications?

  • Google AdWords: Fundamentals, Search, Display, Mobile
  • Google Analytics
  • Hubspot: Inbound, Marketing Software, Sales Enablement, Agency Partner
  • Klipfolio