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The Library

Books that influenced me

  • Never Split The Difference

    Chris Voss & Tahl Raz

    6 word review: FBI Negotiator spills the negotiation beans

    Business, Sales

  • Grown your digital Agency

    Grow Your Digital Agency

    Robert Craven

    6 word review: Find wallpaper. Plan then act accordingly.

    Business, Marketing

  • Ego is the Enemy

    Ego is the Enemy

    Ryan Holiday

    6 word review: Lasting growth comes from helping others

    Personal development

  • The sales acceleration formula

    Mark Roberge

    6 word review: How Hubspot learned to sell itself

    Business, Sales

  • The Four

    Scott Galloway

    6 word review: Big tech is not so nice


  • Nobody wants to read your shit

    Steven Pressfield

    6 word review: Nobody wants to read your shit

    Advertising, Writing

  • Seven brief lessons on physics

    Carlo Rovelli

    6 word review: Seven brief & fun lessons on physics


  • What happened

    Hillary Rodham Clinton

    6 word review: Flawed candidate runs through what if


  • Ogilvy on Advertising

    David Ogilvy

    6 word review: Thirty years old yet still relevant

    Advertising, Business

  • Total Competition

    Ross Brawn, Adam Parr

    6 word review: Winning requires absolute long term thinking

    Business, Strategy, F1

  • The Tao of Charlie Munger

    David Clark

    6 word review: Inspiration quotes ruined by assembling author

    Business, Strategy